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The vision of this Wiki is to make college courses and knowledge available to everyone free of charge. The courses are developed for college programs and subjects.


The courses should help:

  • to learn the principles of a subject
  • to apply the principles to real world problems
  • to answer questions which stimulate your thinking
  • to apply what you have learned to a real world problem
  • to self-assess yourself
  • to get references to related courses and other sources (e.g. books, papers)

All courses are free of charge!


Opportunity - Prosperity - Impact

  • Opportunity: Give each individual the opportunity to gain a higher education
  • Prosperity: Give individuals and their families the ability to live a good life
  • Impact: Enable individuals to help others to grow

We have two target audiences

  • Students: The main consumer are people interested in higher education. The content is made for them
  • Donors: Subject matter experts who are willing to donate their time to develop course material


Many courses on course websites provide videos captured during class room training. The recorded classroom situations are not effective for online / distant learning.

Example driven learning approach

Learning means to go from the known to the unknown and make the unknown to a known. This process is not easy, especially in an online or distant learning environment.
In order to make it as easy as possible for the students, we use an example driven learning style. Each course is layered into three layers:

  • Layer 1: What is an intended real world result, what the method(s) and technique(s) can produce?
  • Layer 2: What are the interim steps, illustrated with the real world example, to achieve the intended real world result?
  • Layer 3: What are the tools and techniques needed to produce the interim steps and the intended real world results. This is where you learn about the nuts and bolts, the definitions, how to apply them, when and when not to apply them etc. This is where you find the higher education college content.

The example-driven approach makes it relatively easy to learn how to applying independently the tools and techniques to real world problems, described in the courses. Here you find more information about the Example-driven teaching approach.


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